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We are a leading corporation in the rubber & plastic industry andin exporting latex & plastic products, for examplelatex balloons, plastic toys and latex gloves.

Located in Egypt, weproudly serve the Middle East. Established in 1990 by Egyptian and Italian expertise, our products are produced by the most modern technology, unsurpassed machinery and an excellent team of specialists.We are equipped to produce a wide range of products that are specifically adapted and personalized for your needs and fit your budget.We also guarantee the best quality and marketability to meet all the various requirements of our customers.

Our researchers and development team are always working with you to ensure the evolution of the finest latex and plastic products in the industry!

Mr.Farouk Ibrahim(May GOD bless his soul ) the founder of our company , had extensive experience in the plastic and latex business from1961.Now in his position Engineer Amr Farouk our current CEObrought many years of technical experience and an extended vision in plastic and latex industry since 1986.Responsible of the commercial section (finance,accounting, marketing, sales, purchases & Warehouses) .Accountant Mohamed Hossam who brings to us years of experience and excellent strategies in marketing and exportation.Mr. Ibrahim Farouk is production manager whose experience in latex & plastic production is remarkable, and they’re all working to the maximum to ensure you’re satisfaction.

 Our production:

  1. An array of balloons: round shape, novelties, punch ball, jazz and printed balloons for advertising.
  2. Plastic Toys: beach toys, construction set, ride on, tractors, water pistols, novelties and much more.
  3. Gloves: surgical, domestic & industrial gloves.

Our competence in exporting is plentiful. We export to too many international countries, including the U.S.A, Europe, Middle East, and Gulf Nations. We welcome you to bring your special designs and we are honored to fulfill your desires. We also welcome foreign customers to visit our company to discuss potential partnership.

 Overview of the plastic factory  The administration building  State of the art technology  High tech molding machine
 Outdoor View  Overview of the rubber factory  Overview of the rubber factory  We hire the best craftsmen

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New Borg Al Arab City - Second zone - Block 23

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