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Ramadan 2015


In July 2015, the annual Iftar party was held in Ramadan, this year it witnessed a new tradition from the company towards the employees, whereas the perfect employees and workers were chosen and were given different prizes, as an example three were given Omarah as a prize and they were,

* Mr. Omr Mohamed (Production Manger of plastic factory)

Mr.  Moustafa Ahmed (head of lab Dep. Rubber factory)

Supervisor  Soliman Abd El Aziz (Plastic factory)


Also appreciation certificates and cash prizes were given to the perfect employees and they are;

Mr. Mohamed Abd El Atti. (accountant)

Mohamed Mohamed Khalil. ( rubber worker)

Refeat El Sheikh  ( rubber maintenance) 

Kamareyah Salah. ( rubber worker)

Hassan Mohamed Hassan. (plastic worker)

Ahmed Gaber. (plastic maintenance)

Hanaa Shaaban, (plastic worker)

Ahmed Darwish. (driver)


In addition a number of old workers were honored by a thank you note for the long period they have spent working for the company and they are,

* Mr. Mohamed Hassan

Supervisor Ahmed Emam

Supervisor Soliman Abd El Aziz

Mr. Omr Ahmed

Mr. Hamdy Bassiony
















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