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Welcome to Faroplast El-Amria For Rubber & Plastic Industry

We are a leading corporation in the rubber & plastic industry and in exporting latex (raw latex) & plastic products, for example latex balloons, plastic toys and latex gloves. Located in Egypt, we proudly serve the Middle East. Established in 1993 by Egyptian expertise, our products are produced by the most modern technology, unsurpassed machinery and an excellent team of specialists. We are equipped to produce a wide range of products that are specifically adapted and personalized for your needs and fit your budget .We also guarantee the best quality and marketability to meet all the various requirements of our customers.

Our Strategy

Our Company Principles

Our Vision

Producing games at economic prices to suit all children of the world and we dream of a game slogan for every child…with international quality standards.. and advanced production methods..to contribute to their happiness and raise their levels of enjoyment.

Where do you find our products ?

  • In a major children’s toy store
  • Major supermarket and hyper
  • Baby supplies stores
  • The largest libraries have a section for children’s games
  • Ask for it by name, Al-Amria Faroplast products
  • Door To door deliveryThere’s delivery to all over Egypt and middle east.
  • Easy PaymentEveryone wants to save, as the price tag on.
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Good Planning

According to established ethics and standards, great results

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Good Quality

We have developed the best quality of our products for your satisfaction

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Variety Products

To satisfy changing tastes and development in all aspects of life

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Continuous Training

Continuous training of the work team on the latest training methods

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